Revolutionizing the future of how kids play

SoGal's 8th investment. We believe Lovevery is building the new Disney.


$10M Valuation
Pre-launch, Pre-revenue


$150M Series C
$812M Valuation


$141M Actual Revenue
IPO in 2023

SoGal's 8th investment in 2017.

The largest toy companies in the world are owned by men although women are the largest customers. Jessica set out to build a science-backed company that changes early education. We were the only VC that got in the friends & family round, and the first ever VC that serial entrepreneur Jessica had worked with.

We sent a Lovevery play gym to every SoGal founder that became a new mom, brought a group of mom angels to the cap table, helped deeply on China strategy and influencer seeding. Jessica later became a SoGal LP.

Lovevery is planning for IPO in 2023.

"SoGal is the right kind of modern investor. They are of the future, get vision, invest with money, connections and support, and are a role model for the way VC will look 5 - 10 years from now. "
Jessica Rolph
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