Revolutionizing the future of clean haircare

SoGal's 35th investment. We believe  Ceremonia unlocks a sense of belonging for the fastest-growing yet often overlooked demographic in the U.S. - Latinx.




Successful launch
A dozen products


Launching with Sephora in July

SoGal's 35th investment.We led Ceremonia's pre-seed round.

Latinx is the fastest growing demographic in the US, but seriously underrepresented in culture, beauty, and consumer brands. Only 58 Latina founders have ever raised $1 million+ in venture funding.

We are strong believers in brands that design for people who were overlooked or misunderstood. This unlocks a sense of belonging and community, which is just about the most powerful thing you can build as a brand.

SoGal has extensive haircare experience with our early investment in $1B Function of Beauty. We're confident that Ceremonia is the next big thing in clean haircare.

"SoGal has been an amazing partner. As a founder, I have found a lot of comfort in their network, and their availability to offer support and open doors."
Babba Rivera
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